8959 Perry Highway - Erie, PA 16509
Ph: 814.864.8640

What types of material do you grind?
We grind all types of stainless steel, steel and alloys. If you have a unique material and need more information, please fill out our Online Quote Form or give us a call at 814.864.8640 and we will be happy to address your needs.
What type of turn-around time can I expect?
Turn-around time depends on the job. If it is a smaller job (1-20 pcs.) turn-around time is usually 24 hours. Larger jobs are usually a few days to a week. However, we make every attempt to meet your scheduling needs.
Do you pick-up and deliver?
No. Unfortunatly, at this time, we are unable to pick-up and deliver parts.
Do you grind parts that have been plated?
Yes. We grind a variety of different types of plated parts. We do a lot of work with chrome plating, but we are able to grind most types of plating. For more information, fill out our Online Quote Form.
Do you have a quantity limit?
Most jobs that we grind range from 1 piece to 10,000 pieces. However, we are always willing to do whatever we can to meet our customer's needs so larger quanitities may be possible.

Fx: 814.864.3513